If you’re a commerical landlord there’s new legislation that your rented properties need to adhere to.

What is Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)?

MEES came into effect in April 2018, making it unlawful to grant new leases to properties with an F or G Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. From April 2023 the rules will be extended to include all existing commercial leases.

The legislation will apply to all new leases, extensions, renewals, and sub-lets (from six months to 99 years). There are some exemptions; these relate to the cost effectiveness and and Return On Investment (ROI) of updates required, third party consent, and devaluation.

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Why choose EIC?

  • We have a flexible approach. We can fully manage the process for you or just help with certain elements such as EPC assessments, an initial gap analysis or implementing energy efficiency improvements.
  • We offer high quality and accurate EPCs – essential for MEES compliance.
  • We can help you implement improvements so your property is re-let quickly, reducing the chance of any loss of income.
  • Our experts can help you navigate the guidelines and assess your properties to ensure you make the right decisions on how to comply for your business.
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