Energy Efficiency Surveys

If you need to identify efficiency opportunities, we’ll send a qualified and accredited surveyor to carry out a complete review of your building’s energy use.

Your business can become more energy and water efficient

A key part of saving energy and water is examining your usage and making reductions where possible. There are many physical and behavioural changes that businesses can make to reduce their utility consumption, lower their carbon footprint and ultimately bring down their costs.

Carrying out energy efficiency audits and surveys will highlight areas that require attention and positive changes you can make to your buildings, equipment, and staff use to reduce your consumption and save money.

Why choose EIC?

  • We have a knowledgeable team of in-house experts who will conduct reviews on your behalf
  • Non-commodity costs are increasing; we’ll help lower your charges by improving your efficiency
  • Our recommendations are unique to your business, based on the results and opportunities identified by investigating your organisation
  • We aim to improve your energy efficiency so you can reduce waste and improve your operations
  • We offer a range of free services such as energy and water bill checking to retrieve any miscalculated energy and water charges
  • Provide full energy and water audit services
  • We will implement a full energy and water management strategy to help you reduce your consumption
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