The energy market is highly volatile, with ever-changing wholesale and non-commodity costs.

As a result, many businesses prefer an energy contract that is simpler than a flexible deal and will aid budget certainty and financial planning.

A fixed energy contract helps give businesses budget security by setting costs for the duration of their agreement. However, it’s important to understand whether all your costs are fully fixed; not all non-commodity charges are set within a fixed price contact.

Why choose EIC?

  • Our service is delivered to the ISO 9001 standard, giving you peace of mind you’re in good hands.
  • We are proactive in giving you clear advice on when to sign based on the market, our views and your current costs. We get off the fence and tell you when we feel you should secure a contract.
  • Our solution aids budget certainty, as you can fix all costs involved for a fixed time period.
  • You’ll save time as we fully manage the tender process for your contracts and liaise with suppliers.
  • Our dedicated Account Managers track the wholesale markets in advance of renewals, enabling us to identify prime opportunity points for clients to tender.
  • We’re impartial and tender your contract to leading energy suppliers to help find the most suitable contract for your requirements.
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