Harness the power of the sun to run your business.

Generate 100% clean energy for your business – saving money, securing energy independence and boosting CSR credentials.

With rising energy costs across the board, there has never been a better time to get started with solar technology. The cost has more than halved in the last 5 years alone, making it a fantastic investment in 2019.
Solar provides a way to control a portion of your energy supply (up to 20%, or 40% if aligned with a battery solution). By reducing your reliance on the grid you can boost self-sufficiency and protect against energy supply failures.
We can support your business to implement a solar system at your site to generate sustainable and cost-effective, renewable energy. Generating power from solar panels will cut your emissions, help the environment, and can be linked with a battery solution to maximise your return on investment.

How EIC can help

  • We can help scope and install a Solar PV system suitable for your business.
  • Fully manage the tender process and liaise with any third parties on your behalf.
  • Provide a bespoke solar solution that’s fully integrated with Flexible Procurement, Battery Storage and Intelligent Building controls.
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