IoT Building Energy Management

Introducing the next generation of IoT monitoring and smart building controls.

Businesses with complex or multiple sites can find it difficult to maximise their buildings’ energy performance.

Being smarter about how you use energy can reduce consumption and improve your energy efficiency, lowering costs and cutting wastage.

IoT-enabled Building Energy Management

As business energy experts, we understand the many benefits that the Internet of Things (IoT) can deliver to your business. That’s why we’ve  delivering the next generation of smart building controls.

Our unique partnership enables us to fully integrate your site’s critical energy systems into a single, remotely-managed platform. Making your buildings intelligent gives you the visibility and actionable insights to cut your operational costs, leading to a smarter future.

Our innovative solution uses open architecture technology to access all your vital business systems. It will communicate with, control and report on any system that sits in any of your buildings, including heating, lighting and ventilation. This approach enables you to implement, amend, and manage control strategies on a wide portfolio of sites from the single touch of a button.

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