Generate your own electricity and heat – reducing energy costs, grid reliance and CO2 emissions.

Capable of providing up to a 40% reduction in business energy costs, a Combined Heat and Power solution can be one of the most impactful energy opportunities to implement – particularly for businesses with a consistent demand for heating (e.g. hotels, hospitals, industrial plants).
CHP is a highly intelligent and efficient system that simultaneously generates electricity and heat in a single process. Electricity is generated using a gas turbine, and the system is built to recover latent heat released by the process – which can then be used to heat something desirable to the business.
We can help you install a suitable CHP solution to efficiently generate and harness energy on-site, reducing energy wastage and slashing your bills.

How EIC can help

  • We can help you scope and install a CHP solution at your site.
  • Fully manage the tender process and liaise with any third parties on your behalf.
  • Integrate with Flexible Procurement, Combined Heat and Power Quality Assurance (CHPQA) and Intelligent Building solutions.
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