Our capabilities

  • Fixed Energy Procurement
    Remove the uncertainty of fluctuating energy prices; secure a contract that provides your business and organisation budget-stability in these extremely turbulent times
  • Flexible Energy Procurement
    Take greater control of how volatile market conditions affect you and implement a trading strategy tailored to your specific requirements; manage price risk effectively and take advantage of opportunities to achieve savings
  • Flexible Portfolio
    An EIC risk-managed collective purchasing solution that benefits from group buying power without compromising the individuality and flexibility for the participants
  • Trusted Compliance
    Steer clear of hefty government fines, uphold your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standing, and actively contribute to a Greener, Cleaner and Better world
  • Energy Bureau
    Our industry-leading bill validation service ensures that you are never overcharged and never miss out on potential savings, providing you with unparalleled peace of mind


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Providing you with lowest possible energy costs

Reducing your exposure to risk from the extremely volatile global energy market

Enabling you to manage your business and organisation more efficiently

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