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In 2015, West Midlands Safari Park sought assistance from EIC to replace an existing LPG and hot water system adjacent to the Giraffe House.

The existing boiler was old, expensive to operate and unable to provide sufficient heat during the winter months. It was imperative that the room temperature was increased in line with animal husbandry guidelines and also to improve the welfare of the animals, especially with the potential for foals in the coming years. The Energy Solutions team were quick to respond and together with our strategic partner 5D, looked to find the right solution for the Park.

“The knowledge and experience of the Energy Solutions team at EIC has been second to none. They have taken control of the whole project and made light work of a seemingly daunting task. I am delighted with the efficiency and proactivity shown and I highly recommend their services to others.”

Ashley Gillam
Operations Manager

total savings per annum

Thermal modelling of the Giraffe House was essential to consider all boiler options and the associated cost implications. The Energy Solutions team concluded that a 180 kW biomass boiler was the most appropriate.

Others may provide a greater Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), however they would not perform efficiently all year round, which could cost the Park more money in the long run. The preferred location of the Biomass Plant and integral Wood Fuel store was in a packaged plant room where the LPG tanks currently stood. This provided sufficient room for a 40 foot clad container to be placed with good access for blown deliveries. A packaged plant room is also less intrusive during construction.

The Energy Solutions team chose an ideal size of Fuel store which would reduce the numbers of deliveries to the site per annum. Finally, to ensure good heat circulation in the Giraffe House, three air blown ceiling heaters were installed, out of the way of the giraffes of course! The total RHI for this project over the 20 year lifetime could equate to £713,000.

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