Intelligent Buildings

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Monitoring and Targeting

In 2015, The Rotherham Foundation NHS Trust (TRFT) approached EIC in need of assistance with circuit-level monitoring.

As part of our Strategic Utility Management Plan, we have the tools and expertise to provide our clients with full visibility and insight into their consumption patterns, providing total transparency on where, when and how they are using electricity.

Intelligent buildings delivering powerful savings TRFT needed to monitor electricity down to circuit level as part of a wider European efficiency project. We advised them to implement Edd:e, our energy monitoring system. Edd:e gives our clients cost-effective circuit-level power monitoring. It provides total visibility of energy used, down to the individual circuit level, monitoring each circuit on the distribution board it is wired to 24-hours a day and 365 days a year.


“I have been dealing with EIC since August 2015 and have always found them to be professional and helpful in all dealings. TRFT engaged EIC to carry out electrical distribution monitoring down to circuit level as part of a European energy efficiency project in which we are participating. The data being received is vital to the success of the project and EIC are playing a major role. They continue to provide an efficient and accurate reporting service with the minimum of fuss.”

Martin Aizlewood
Estates Officer – Energy and Environmental

Total visibility

of energy use

Energy saving

opportunities identified

Dedicated team

to provide support

The data from Edd:e is fed into our web-based reporting platform, Utility Insight. This allows TRFT to view their energy usage across all their circuits in real-time from any web connected computer. It converts the data into easy to understand formats allowing TRFT to extract the precise information they need. It also highlights energy saving opportunities and facilitates habitual change for energy conscious consumers. TRFT are also supported by a dedicated Energy Consultant who is on hand to help them understand and interpret the on-going data with training and support for use of the platform.

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