We began working with the Pizza Hut Restaurant business in 2014 and provide them with our Supported Risk Management service. Flexible energy contracts are a great opportunity to reduce energy costs, but they can carry an element of risk if not managed effectively.

Our Risk Management service is designed to complement a Flexible supply contract and we offer two service levels; Supported and Fully Managed. Our Fully Managed service means we carry out all trading within pre-agreed limits and will trade on our clients behalf.

Pizza Hut Restaurants, already has adequate resources and expertise in-house, so we deliver a Supported offering, working alongside their team providing alerts on trading options. Pizza Hut Restaurants then make the final decision on what to transact based on our recommendations and their own views.


“EIC always provide insightful and timely advice. The team support and work with us in a way that we understand. This is critical as energy can be quite a technical subject for the unexperienced. EIC are trusted advisors and provide excellent customer service at all times.”

Steven Packer
Head of Supply Chain


£1.3 million

saved on electricity



saved on gas

Pizza Hut Restaurants has the benefit of a EIC Risk Management Consultant and Account Director working together with their own company representatives to form an Energy Risk Management Committee (ERMC). It specified risk appetite making sure the contract was flexible enough to provide benefits in differing market conditions. From this, the ongoing position of the energy contract is managed, with EIC advising on potential trading decisions. To date with our recommendations on transactions, Pizza Hut Restaurants has saved £1.3 million on electricity and £400,000 on gas.

We also provide Pizza Hut Restaurants with fully delivered gas and electricity budgets once a year that includes around 260 sites. The budget is completely bespoke and tailored to internal processes to assist Pizza Hut Restaurants when setting their internal budget figures and also keeping track of their costs throughout the year.

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