Smart Procurement

Pendle Polymer Engineering Limited

Fixed Procurement

EIC began working with Pendle Polymer in 2005, initially focusing on their Fixed Procurement contracts for gas and electricity.

At the time the energy market was extremely volatile and it was critical for Pendle Polymer to achieve budget security and know their future energy costs up front to plan ahead.

Dedicated support team

EIC assigned a dedicated team to work with Pendle Polymer and find the most suitable procurement contract. Within the team is a Procurement Analyst. They are on hand to provide advice on when to secure contracts, negotiating with suppliers to achieve a competitive deal. To further aid budgeting, Pendle Polymer is provided with Price Trackers which give insight into forthcoming renewal costs based on current wholesale prices.

When tasked with procuring energy for an additional unit in 2014, EIC were on hand to arrange new contracts which saw a decrease in energy costs of over 25%. A further saving was made for Pendle Polymer by switching their Data Collector where EIC achieved a 33% reduction on their previous contract.



“EIC take a lot of stress out of procuring our energy contracts. We are provided with recommendations on our contract renewals which makes the process a lot easier. The team are able to assist with queries efficiently and are available whenever I need support. As an energy consultant, they also offer a vast number of services that we can benefit from. In addition to the market advice we receive, we have also recently begun to use their Monitoring and Targeting software. I know this will make an impact on our business, both in the way we view our energy usage and finding ways to reduce our consumption.”

Nick Burton
Financial Director


decrease on energy bills for an additional unit


savings achieved by sourcing a new data collector