Smart Procurement

Millfield School


We began working with Millfield School in March 2016. We provide the school with our Fully Risk Managed Portfolio service which is a sophisticated group purchasing solution providing access to a fully flexible contract managed by our Risk Management team.

Trusted advice

This procurement option provides Millfield School with:

  • A defined strategy tailored to the schools requirements and reviewed on a regular basis.
  • The flexibility to change strategy should business needs or risk appetite change.
  • The expertise of a specialist Risk Management team to manage their procurement.
  • Access to a fully flexible contract.

Additional Support

We also provide a Bill Validation service to the school checking all utility invoices for accuracy and ensuring peace of mind. For water, our service extends to a Retrospective Bill Validation service in which we check historical bills up to 6 years old for errors.



“Millfield School has a contract with EIC to procure all of our utilities for the next four years. In the 8 months since we have been working with them, we have been encouraged by their level of support and ‘hands on approach’. Their knowledge of the education industry was a key factor in our choice of consultant.”

Verity Hill
Contracts and Logistics Manager

Bills Validated

on all utility invoices to check for accuracy

Defined Strategy

tailored to Millfield School