EIC began working with McCarthy & Stone Management Services (MSMS) in November 2015 after a successful tender exercise.

Budget certainty is key to the property managing agent and so we set about finding them the most competitive fixed procurement contract for their gas and electricity. Tracking the renewals well in advance helps our procurement team to pinpoint the best time to fix energy contracts. With a fully managed tender process and all relevant suppliers approached we secured contracts to best suit MSMS’s needs with impressive results.


“Our dedicated Account team at EIC is of great assistance to us. They have taken the time to understand our business at MSMS and apply this knowledge when creating our Strategic Utility Management Plan to help us achieve our goals. This can-do attitude has enabled us to build a very strong relationship. EIC has exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend them to other companies.”

David Hockaday
Property Operations Director



saved in a 12 month period

Full visibility

of consumption online

In just 12 months we have saved MSMS Managed Developments almost £60,000 on its electricity contract and over £25,000 on gas by identifying the right time to renew. We streamlined this process further and aligned its contracts to simplify all future renewals. In addition to saving time and effort, this alignment resulted in £26,500 cost saving through the power of bulk buying at a market low. Backdated savings gained through original supplier issues contributed further by adding an additional £9,360 and £11,140 for one site alone.

Following our strategic review of MSMS’s energy requirements, we identified further opportunities for the company to reduce costs. By sourcing an alternative Data Collection and Meter Operator contract, we have saved an additional £17,800. We are also in the process of switching water supplier for MSMS ahead of the official deregulation. This will help to achieve the most competitive contract. MSMS has taken full advantage of our exclusive SmartDash monitoring and targeting software which allows the ability to view consumption online. EIC provides support by assisting to decipher energy data and make recommendations for further cost savings. We also provide a Bill Validation and Retrospective Bill Validation service for all utilities to ensure accurate invoicing. Any savings made for MSMS ultimately reduce costs for its homeowners.

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