Magnet are the UK’s largest kitchen specialist and a popular manufacturer and retailer.

The company has over 190 stores nationwide which require a great deal of attention when it comes to energy management. EIC has worked with Magnet since 2015 providing a Risk Management Flexible Contract service. We carried out a full tender to all suppliers to ensure the best contract terms were secured with the lowest management fee. We also helped the retailer to source the right DC and MOP contracts for their business to ensure they benefit from accurate and timely energy usage data.



“I was reluctant to move away from our previous broker as it had taken a while to get a good understanding and reliable reporting in place. It turns out the move was a good one as this hasn’t been an issue at all and the service provided is far better than we had previously.”

Kevin Kelsey
Nobia UK Energy Manager




save time
Magnet relieved of all admin saving time and hassle

At the heart of our service offering is a high calibre Account team dedicated to our clients and focussed on providing a 360 degree service to understand their requirements and ease their energy management burden.

With Magnet’s large portfolio of stores, hard work and communication is key to complete the vast administration required. A weekly query tracker helps to record all activities whilst meetings and phone calls are held to suit the client’s needs. In addition to procurement, the dedicated team who look after the account spend a great deal of time making sure Change of Tenancy agreements are done and all paperwork for installations are completed accurately and on time. They also ensure supplier queries are investigated and resolved efficiently. Magnet take advantage of the EIC Triad alert service which provides them with a forward view of when to react to a possible Triad.

By reacting and reducing their electricity demand they can cut transmission (TNUoS) charges and ultimately lower their electricity bill.

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