Smart Procurement

East End Foods

Fixed Procurement

We began working with East End Foods in 2009, providing a Fixed Procurement service for electricity and gas. We manage the entire process helping to save them valuable time and hassle.

Our proactive approach means we’re renowned for negotiating competitive contracts at the most opportune points in the market. Being independent means we are on our client’s side and our impartial advice helps clients to decide what’s best for their business.



“Energy will always be a considerable overhead yet EIC are able to assist us by finding the right deal for our business. They provide a very efficient service to East End Foods. Having a dedicated support team ensures that any queries I have are answered quickly which saves me time and hassle. I am also impressed with the range of services offered which means I have no need to look anywhere else.”

Paul Deep
Commercial Director




Saved on on gas renewal



At the heart of our offering is a high calibre team of Account Directors who oversee all client relationships. East End Foods benefits from the support of a dedicated Account Director and a Procurement Analyst. The Procurement Analyst liaises with energy suppliers to negotiate energy contracts and remains on hand throughout the business relationship to resolve queries and provide advice. As a result we have achieved consistent savings for East End Foods on their gas renewals.

In addition to our Fixed Procurement service, East End Foods take our Data Collection (DC) and Meter Operator (MOP) Tendering service. Receiving accurate and timely energy data is vital to better procure, monitor, reduce and manage energy requirements.

Sourcing the right DC and MOP contracts has helped East End Foods to better understand when and how much energy is being used. They have also received a significant credit due to incorrect billing which was identified by our dedicated Data Solutions team when carrying out the Retrospective Bill Validation service.

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