Devising a Strategic Energy Solution for Carclo Technical Plastics Limited began in 2013. The client was initially interested in the Portfolio procurement method for their HH electricity supply.

Our Portfolio allows medium-sized clients to capitalise on purchasing opportunities by providing access to a flexible contract, usually only available to larger consumers. It enables our clients to take control and set their own individual buying strategy and budget to benefit from wholesale market movement. In addition to this, we set about sourcing a suitable Fixed Procurement contract for Carclos’ NHH electricity and gas requirements.




“EIC offer a comprehensive solution for all of our energy requirements which has transformed the way we manage our energy. I am more than happy with the level of service that I receive and very impressed with how our contracts are performing.”

Ben Graham
Purchasing Manager


saved against budget using our portfolio service



recovered by bill validation team due to incorrect Triad charges

Supplier billing accuracy was also high on the agenda for Carclo. Our Bill Validation service ensures peace of mind that you will only pay for what you use, with our dedicated team analysing every single element of their supplier invoices. Our clients work with a dedicated support team which consists of an expert working on each discipline. To coordinate the job roles and ensure we deliver a joined up solution, an Account Director heads up the overall client relationship. Carclo take advantage of our extensive service offering and this has resulted in a cohesive energy strategy and impressive savings. On procurement alone, the company is currently seeing savings against budget of £243,768 for electricity, and £4,200 for gas. By using the MOP
and DC Tendering service Carclo Technical Plastics has saved £2,262 on their new contract. Furthermore incorrect billing data for Triad Charges was identified which led to a reconciliation of over £9,900.

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