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At EIC we recognise that there are many clients who want to benefit from a flexible contract, yet may not have the consumption required to procure flexibly on their own. We have created the solution to this. The unique EIC Portfolio is a group flexible procurement option providing smaller energy users with access to a flexible contract. In addition to this each individual client can maintain their own strategy within the group ensuring that their energy is procured in line with their own risk appetite.


We assemble a group of sizeable energy users to qualify for a fully flexible energy contract. Portfolio is an innovative solution that benefits from group buying power, best practice risk management and an excellent track record. The EIC Portfolio offers choice and flexibility, even once the contract has started. It’s a tailored solution that delivers consistent results irrespective of your risk appetite or prevailing market conditions.


Many similar offerings are managed with a single strategy and do not offer clients choice. However, in the EIC Portfolio we can provide you with an individual strategy based on your unique requirements. We support clients through the whole process and an appropriate strategy is agreed with guidance from your dedicated support team. Following this a Risk Management Policy will be formalised. This will provide direction for us to manage your position on a daily basis in line with your expectations. Uniquely for a group based flexible contract, the Portfolio also allows you to change your strategy throughout the duration of the contract. This enables you to adapt your approach based on changing business requirements or market conditions. Even clients who could obtain their own individual flexible contracts often choose the Portfolio because of its preferential terms including access to enhanced trading options and lower supplier management charges.


As a client receiving the Portfolio service you will receive support from a dedicated Account Manager and Analyst. A specialist in the EIC Portfolio service, your Account Manager has the knowledge and skills to deliver a service built around you. Committed to a small group of clients they ensure excellent customer care and ongoing communication. Behind the scenes your position will be monitored and managed by the same Risk Management Consultants that look after our largest clients. Regular meetings are available to review your risk strategy and maintain client satisfaction.


We keep all Portfolio clients up-to-date with regular position reports. The reports illustrate performance against the market and your budget, total costs and amount of fixed and unfixed positions. They are an excellent forecasting tool that enables you to plan ahead, communicate internally and continually evaluate your position and strategy.

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