EIC are the Energy Experts. Established in 1975, we are a market leading energy consultancy delivering support to over 600 major energy users in the UK. Our services have been developed in line with our clients’ ever changing requirements and we’re always looking at new ways to improve. Our Procurement solutions range from a single site fixed procurement tender to a multi-site fully flexible supply contract negotiation.

We’ve always been committed to excellent customer service. That’s why all EIC clients are assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager. In addition, EIC houses experts in a range of dedicated service areas. So whether you need support with Risk Management, Bill Validation, CRC or Water Consultancy, talk to EIC today and see how we can help your business.



  • Energy policy is difficult

    Back in 2011, faced with the impending closure of coal and nuclear generation, the UK Government had the unenviable task of shaping a policy able to deliver a reliable, low carbon energy supply for the UK market, whilst also minimising bottom line cost. In a world so susceptible to rapid changes in technological and political will, negotiating the minefield of long term energy policy is fraught with difficulties. Despite a raft of new tools and controls to help manage the system, and stronger distributed generation against a backdrop of falling electricity demand, the need to reduce the UK’s carbon intensity brought policy intervention to the fore. With that, what we now know as Electricity Market Reform (EMR) was born.

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